At Keywin Trading Ltd, we are always discussing options to diversify into new products & services. Keeping in line with this tradition, we have already started working on the following, and hope to launch these formally very soon:

  • Packed Frozen Meat: Currently, we have already entered into a testing phase with Pakistan’s largest Packed Meat Companies. We have supplied them with a state of the art De-boning Plant. This is the one and only kind of plant in Pakistan currently. We have also acquired land for raising Livestock. On a similar Testing phase, we are supplying Livestock to Pakistan on a regular basis. Once we acquire enough technical expertise and experience, we plan to go full fledge on this segment.
  • Real Estate & Construction: By June 2013, we plan to start acquiring Residential and Industrial Land in Pakistan. We hope to start trading, and running an agency business as Investors in this field. The growing population, and constant demand for homes, has also been in our plan, as we hope to start Commercial Construction as well in prime areas. In the past we have already done trading in properties in Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Garments: After opening up a Home Textile department at our head office, our sights were already set on the Garments business. For a few trial orders, we have done some business with commercial knitters. In August 2012, we made a trial order with a European buyer of Children’s garments. The buttons and zippers for this order were supplied from our Accessories factory in China. If this venture goes well, we plan to start a Garment Manufacturing unit in China. Plans for a Retails Outlet in Shanghai are also in the final phase.
  • Rice: we have contacted some of Pakistan’s largest growers and millers of Rice. Some of our buyers worldwide have shown interest in importing Pakistani rice, which is one of the best in terms of aroma and quality. Our selected supplier is a fully vertical unit starting right from the growing, the drying, hulling, polishing and grading of Rice. We plan to trade in Par-boiled, Brown/White, Basmati, IRRI 6 & IRRI 9 varieties. The main target markets for us include Bangladesh, Europe & the Middle East.

In this era of globalization, our vision is to achieve professional management of all areas we venture into. We hope to do this with the utmost perseverance. Our aim is to modify and modernize ourselves, to an extent that will not only make us beneficial for our clients, but also towards the society as a whole. When we learn and earn from this system, we have to give something back in the form of contributions to the society. We have to understand that the tough global challenges exist for all, but if we do not take care of our customers, there is always someone out there, who will.

“Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further”
Persian Proverb
It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to this platform. It was something that I was planning to do for a very long time, and finally this effort will bring us more closer to the world. I have seen our company, Keywin Trading Ltd,.