Raw Cotton - The base of our success.

Keywin Trading Ltd has established itself within the global textile industry since its inception in 1979, starting with yarn sales into Hong Kong. Now, Keywin has grown at an incredible rate throughout the supply chain and now has a strong presence in cotton spanning across 8 countries.

Keywin is actively involved in the marketing and sale of raw cotton to Pakistan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia from numerous origins around the world. Our annual sales exceed 100,000 metric tonnes and this number continues to grow. We are currently working with some of the largest textile mills in Pakistan and China and are consistently able to meet their needs due to our strong global network. We represent the largest merchants and ginners in the world, allowing for versatility and helping us meet the everchanging demands of our clients.

Keywin’s breakthrough in the cotton industry dates back to 1981 where we were appointed the sole agents of the Cotton Export Corporation of Pakistan (CEC) for Far East sales of Pakistani cotton. We also developed strong relations with Indian ginners following a surge in demand for Indian cotton in China. Our history in cotton and exposure to various markets provides us great knowledge of the commodity and allows to provide our buyer fundamental and technical analysis.

Our greatest strength to this day is our commitment to our core values. We strongly believe in long-term sustainable relationships and mutual trust in business. In addition to providing support to our clients, we empower and support our employees so that our company can grow together.

In addition to our exceptional sales and marketing team, our documentation and logistics team ensures a smooth process from contracts to the safe dispatch of shipping documents to the buyer. Our holistic approach provides support to both buyers and shippers and we continue to streamline our processes to benefit all stakeholders.

We source cotton from various origins: