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An entirely separate department at our Karachi, Pakistan office is looking after sales of these goods. We have been selling Raw Sheep Wool to buyer in Bikaner, India for the past 10 years. Over the years, we have expanded and moved into small but potential markets like Vietnam, Italy and China too.

Mostly, the wool is taken from sheep of the Baluchistan and Khyber areas of Pakistan. These areas are well known for average micron quality, and good yield %. We provide wool in both washed and unwashed conditions. The yield % naturally drops after washing.

The wool varieties we currently deal in are:

  • White Desi Raw Wool
  • White / Yellow Khurasan, in both washed and unwashed.
  • White / Yellow Bibrak
  • Desi Pulled Ting White
  • Pulled English / Australian Raw Wool
  • Brown / Black Grey, Pulled or Clipped

Usually, our buyers inform us for the yield % they are looking for and we then arrange sample accordingly for them. We also engage in Carpet Grade Wool sales.

The same department also handles sales of Used Clothing. Currently we have a huge supply source from Taiwan, which fills our demand for used Clothing in the African and Pakistani Markets. We work with one of the world’s largest collector of used clothing based in Taiwan. We can easily supply any type of used clothing, which includes, summer clothing, used shoes, used dresses, etc.

Similarly, in winter clothing, we engage in imports of Used Wool Bodies. These are basically Used woolen Coats, Pants, Jackets, Sweaters, etc, having wool content of 70% plus. The supply source includes Canada, Italy, USA, Germany, main European Countries etc.

After importing these goods, they are slashed and re-exported to India.

Also, China is a huge buyer is Used Woolen Rags for recycling purposes. Here, we sort, and cut the wool bodies in 12x12 inch pieces, at our Go-down located in Karachi, Pakistan. These rags are then baled and shipped to our Chinese buyers, who recycle and make wool yarn out of these. The buttons, zippers, polyester, linings, are all sold in the local market. This is a very profitable field as nothing is ever wasted!

Our other products are:

In this era of globalization, our vision is to achieve professional management of all areas we venture into. We hope to do this with the utmost perseverance. Our aim is to modify and modernize ourselves, to an extent that will not only make us beneficial for our clients, but also towards the society as a whole. When we learn and earn from this system, we have to give something back in the form of contributions to the society. We have to understand that the tough global challenges exist for all, but if we do not take care of our customers, there is always someone out there, who will.

“Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further”
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It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to this platform. It was something that I was planning to do for a very long time, and finally this effort will bring us more closer to the world. I have seen our company, Keywin Trading Ltd,.