KeyWin Products

The vision of establishing a Sweater Knitting Facility was crafted in the late 90s. The primary reason was this was to offer some products for the European Markets, as none of our other products were catering to this market, despite of a good demand.

In September 2000, Crystal Knitters was established to counter this demand. The facility is located on a 100,000 sq. ft property wholly owned by Keywin Trading Ltd. The Production area was built on a 25000 sq ft plot, and the Warehouse on a 5000 sq ft. portion. Our first Commercial order rolled out in January 2001, for a high end commercial European brand.

Our current production facility includes the following machinery:

  • Hand Flat Knitting Machines: We currently have about 1400 machines ranging from 3G, 9G, 5G, 7G, & 12G.
  • Dial Linking Machines: Currently 316 machines are installed ranging from 6G, 8G, 10G, 14G & 16G.
  • Side Looping (3.5.7G): Total 2 machines.
  • Washing Machines: Total 2 machines with 120 Lbs Capacity.
  • Extractor Machines: Total 2 machines in 33 Inch Width.
  • Electric Drying Machine: Total 3 machines with 100 Lbs Capacity.
  • Electric Boiler: Total 9 boilers.
  • Steam Iron: Total 16 Irons.
  • Label Stitching Machines: Total 20 machines.
  • Button Stitching Machines: Total 2 machines.
  • Button Opening Machine: Total 2 machines.
  • Over Lock Machine: Total 2 machines.
  • Flat Lock Machine: Total 2 machines.

Our current monthly production capacity is about 5000 dozen pieces, on full finish.

A total of 400 workers are employed by the company, but due to the location of the facility in a industrial zone, skilled labor can easily be acquired in case of need.

Our other products are:

In this era of globalization, our vision is to achieve professional management of all areas we venture into. We hope to do this with the utmost perseverance. Our aim is to modify and modernize ourselves, to an extent that will not only make us beneficial for our clients, but also towards the society as a whole. When we learn and earn from this system, we have to give something back in the form of contributions to the society. We have to understand that the tough global challenges exist for all, but if we do not take care of our customers, there is always someone out there, who will.

“Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further”
Persian Proverb
It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to this platform. It was something that I was planning to do for a very long time, and finally this effort will bring us more closer to the world. I have seen our company, Keywin Trading Ltd,.