KeyWin Products

Cheung Wick Metal MFY (Huizhou) Ltd., which is a sister concern Of Keywin Trading Ltd., has been active in the field of Textile Accessories for a very long time now. We have the latest, state of the art manufacturing facility, which caters to some of the most popular Designer Brands of the World.

The manufacturing unit is ISO 9001-2008 certified and the products are OEKO TEX certified. Even though we constantly update our designs and quality of raw materials, we leave a window for customization of designs by customers.

Some of the products made at the factory include:

  • 14mm, 17mm, 20mm, 23mm, 25mm, 30mm and 40 mm Stony Alloy Jean Buttons, Painted Jean Buttons, Brass Jean Buttons, Alloy Jean Buttons, Enamel Jean Buttons, etc.
  • Brass and Alloy Collection.
  • Metalized Buttons.
  • Holes Metallic Buttons in different sizes.
  • Handle Metallic Buttons in different sizes.
  • Cutting Buttons and Cutting Rivets.
  • Laser engraved Buttons.
  • Golden Plate Buttons.
  • Rivets
  • Snap Systems like 61 System, Alfa System, 54 System, Beta System, Painted Baby Snap Systems, Nacreous Baby Snap Systems, Baby Snap Systems with Cap, Plastic Head Snap Systems and Plastic Snap Systems.
  • Eyelets in different sizes.
  • Metal Zippers.
  • Brass Nickel Zippers.
  • Huge range of Buckle Collection.
  • Huge range of Belt Collection.

Designs can be requested for, or provided by potential buyers.

Some of our most famous clients include Diesel, Banana Republic, Kohls, Reebok, Piper Lime, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Dockers, Ralph Lauren, GAP, BHS, Nike, American Eagle, Next, Ann Taylor, Esprit, Zara, CK etc.

Our other products are:

In this era of globalization, our vision is to achieve professional management of all areas we venture into. We hope to do this with the utmost perseverance. Our aim is to modify and modernize ourselves, to an extent that will not only make us beneficial for our clients, but also towards the society as a whole. When we learn and earn from this system, we have to give something back in the form of contributions to the society. We have to understand that the tough global challenges exist for all, but if we do not take care of our customers, there is always someone out there, who will.

“Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further”
Persian Proverb
It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to this platform. It was something that I was planning to do for a very long time, and finally this effort will bring us more closer to the world. I have seen our company, Keywin Trading Ltd,.