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Keywin Trading Ltd was established in November 1979, in Hong Kong. It still serves as our Head Office. We chose Hong Kong as the centre of our business operations and still serves as our Head Office to this day.

What was once a small yarn trading house in Hong Kong, Keywin Trading Ltd’s global footprint now extends across Cotton, Leather, Garments and Food.

Corporate Identity

To continuously grow as a company whilst delivering an unrivalled advantage to all customers and clients – passionate about collaboration, stakeholder success and operational excellence.
We strive to plan and execute our clients’ vision with innovation and originality in order to provide a sustainable future for both our businesses and the wider community.
  • Integrity – How we do business is as important as what we do. We promote ethics and transparency in all our work.
  • Respect – We respect and value the contributions of our partners. Trust and empathy are the foundations of every great relationship.
  • Sustainability – Cultivate our values and incorporate innovation to achieve long-term growth for all stakeholders.
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      High quality is on top of our list when it comes to the way we deliver the services
    • 2
      Maximum impact is what we look for in our actions
    • 3
      Quality standards are important but meant to be exceeded
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      We're always looking for industry leaders to help them win their market position
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      Evaluation is a key aspect of this business and important
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      Ethics procedures ar always at the base of everything we do

    We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for sourcing partners and manufacturers.

    Our goal is to help your company achieve its full potential and establish long term stability for the stakeholders

    • It's easy to get a quotation, just call our office anytime
    • We do proper product testing and inspections, to ensure highest level of quality/div>
    • We offer a professional analysis of future market conditions
    • We provide weekly updates of prices and market conditions to all our respected buyers.
    • We have dedicated staff for analysis and scanning of all export and import related documents which helps us manage all shipments, and reduces lead time

    Our Companies

    Keywin Trading Ltd has the following divisions

    Keywin Trading Limited
    Crystal Knitters
    Trendy Lasts
    Rhodium Enterprises Ltd
    Spice Store

    Some of the products that we trade in

    Our Team

    We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team who help customers meet goals and grow companies

    Saeed Uddin


    Farooq Saeed


    Aslam Saeed


    M. Tariq Saeed


    Jawed Saeed



    Our people are our greatest asset.

    Our success across different markets comes from investing in long-term relationships. We are fully committed to providing a collaborative culture for both our employees and clients to growth together.




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